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Our Business Turnaround Strategies are specific to the objective a business needs to achieve. We conduct studies and research that will enable us to revive a struggling business or certain division of the business that is not performing well.

These strategies are tailor-made to the industry a business operates in. We then identify problems, and develop and implement a problem-solving strategy to get the business back to financial recovery. 




Our focus is on empowering & channeling  Smme's and Start-Up's in the right direction through conducting feasibility studies and drafting business plans. Our business plans are industry specific and tailor-made to match the objective of the plan.

A Feasibility Study tests whether a business idea has the possibility of being implemented and be commercially viable.

A Business Plan is an important document that talks to how a Business, usually a new one   is going to achieve its goals. A Business Plan can also be drafted for growing a business and to better understand the status of the business.



Our Core Business centres around Effective Business Management Solutions. We offer tailored solutions as per scope of work to various industries. Often Companies often come across challenges that require services of external consultants to resolve, we have the professional capability of resolving challenges and implement turn-around strategies.